2023 Football Sideline & Competition Cheer tryouts are complete!

As we have just wrapped up with the 2023 Hillgrove cheer tryouts, the Coaching Staff wanted to share a few thoughts with everyone before results are posted.

  • This was the most competitive groups of candidates that we have ever had at tryouts! We were completely WOWED over the last 2 weeks!
  • The majority of the candidates that participated in tryouts have several years of cheerleading experience.
  • We wish that everyone could make a squad!
  • If you did make at squad, the Booster Club will be sending you an email with important information. 
  • If you did not make a squad, here are things should you work on – motions, voice projection and refining your skills.
    Also, please remember we will be having basketball cheer tryouts in late Aug/early Sep.
    We would LOVE to see you come back out in the fall!
  • The decisions that were made as we formed squads were not personal; again we wish everyone could make it.
  • Be happy for the ones that did make a squad AND also kind and sensitive to the ones that did not.
  • Thank you for taking the time and working hard to prepare for tryouts. 
  • Most importantly for all – enjoy your spring break.  Have some fun, spend time with loved ones or just relax!

The Coaching Staff will be unplugging & taking a break from ALL THINGS Cheerleading to enjoy Spring Break with their families. We appreciate everyone respecting that. If any of the candidates have any questions regarding their tryout, the candidate may contact the coaching staff AFTER April 12, 2023.